Rapid Resolution Therapy®

Do you want to:
• Heal from painful traumatic events or loss?
• Recover from Anxiety?
• Stop feelings of Panic?

Debbie, a certified Rapid Resolution Therapist, can help you clear painful ‘stuck’ feelings and assist you in moving forward in your life and relationships. Rapid Resolution is a cognitive and experiential therapy that focuses on the emotional part of the brain and sensory experiences.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® (RRT) is a holistic cognitive and experiential approach.

RRT aims to reduce and eliminate emotional pain and help clients change destructive behavioral patterns. It aims to resolves the negative effects of trauma.

The RRT model works from the premise that our unresolved emotions, memories, behaviors, thoughts, and automatic responses have much influence on our current behaviors and feelings. By utilizing relaxation and visualization techniques and engaging the client’s intellect and emotional mind, RRT seeks to eliminate troubling influences from past traumatic events.

Rapid Resolution Therapy® was founded and developed by Dr. Jon Connelly.

Debbie holds a supportive and compassionate place to help clients deal with uncomfortable, troubling feelings, helping them to remove blocks and move forward in the positive way they desire.

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